Savoie’s® Old Fashioned Roux (Dark) 16oz

Savoie’s® Old Fashioned Roux (Dark) 16oz Price: $12.94 (as of 09/09/2018 20:50 PST- Details)

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Making your own roux is a satisfying experience. However, it is a satisfying and long experience since you must be extra careful not to burn the roux and must constantly stir the roux mixture. This is what makes Savoie’s Roux so fantastic. It offers the same type of flavor a homemade roux would provide in no time at all. So try Savoie’s Roux from Opelousas, LA for your next gumbo, fricassee, or etouffee. Just remember all Cajun dishes start with a roux so make it Savoie’s Roux. A roux is a mixture of even parts of fat and flour. The traditional French roux uses butter while the Cajun roux uses oil. There are varying types of rouxs that are all determined by the amount of time you cook the roux. Here are a few examples of types of roux: light roux or blond roux, brown or peanut butter roux, and dark roux. One thing is certain with cooking rouxs and that is not to get any remnants of the roux on your skin. There is a reason cooks down in Louisiana call it the Cajun napalm.