Salted Capers (35.27 Ounce) by La Favorita

Salted Capers (35.27 Ounce) by La Favorita Price: $36.20 (as of 09/09/2018 20:03 PST- Details)

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La Favorita Salted Capers are grown on the Italian island of Pantelleria in the Strait of Sicily and preserved in native sea salt. Before using, rinse the capers in fresh water. For a burst of piquant flavor, add to pasta alla puttanesca, roasted lemon chicken, veal picatta, broiled fish, smoked salmon, or as a garnish to finish plates.

La Favorita has acquired considerable experience producing choice gastronomic specialties using only the best quality natural ingredients, no food dyes or preservatives, and according to old traditional cooking methods and recipes.

Each jar contains 35.27 oz (1000 gr) of Salted Capers by La Favorita.