NV Treveri Columbia Valley Sparkling Gewürztraminer 750 mL

NV Treveri Columbia Valley Sparkling Gewürztraminer 750 mL

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Washington’s success in the wine industry is partly a result of its climate and soil, or terroir. While Western Washington is much wetter and humid, Eastern Washington boasts a dry, desert climate that houses a secret weapon for wine grape production: the Columbia River. The Columbia River runs through the growing regions, supplying water that encourages healthy grape growth. Sparkling wines require particular attention: the grapes must be carefully selected for lower sugar levels to ensure bright acidity and the perfect alcohol in the finished product. We strive to find premium vineyards that offer robust flavors of the varietals for use in our sparkling wines. The keys to our success are the long-term partnerships forged with our growers to produce exemplary sparkling wines. The Columbia Valley boasts some of the finest vineyard sites in the country that consistently produce world-class sparkling wine.