NV Sweet Bliss Red 750 mL

NV Sweet Bliss Red 750 mL

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Slip into something lush… Sweet Bliss Red is a perfect wine for people who appreciate the complexity and rich texture of a superb red wine, but prefer an approachable, fruit-forward, off-dry flavor profile. The label artwork of Sweet Bliss Red depicts the essence and flavors of the wine flawlessly. A ripe red cherry dipped in sumptuous, melted chocolate irresistibly inspires you to delight in this sweet, luscious red wine. The aromas are a divine harmony of ripe red fruit and subtle toasted oak with deep cherry flavors and a velvety chocolate mouth feel. Sweet Bliss Red is strikingly versatile – so no need to be too precious with food pairings. Have a ball and experiment pairing this lush wine with your tastiest favorites. Serve it up with barbecued chicken, grilled burgers or pizza… For the ultimate indulgence, pair Sweet Bliss Red with chocolate cake, cheesecake and cobblers. Of course, we tempt you to pour Sweet Bliss all on its own as a divine aperitif.