McCormick White Pepper, Ground, 18-Ounce Unit


McCormick White Pepper, Ground, 18-Ounce Unit

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McCormick White Pepper is obtained from a small, dried berry of a woody, perennial, evergreen climbing vine, Piper nigrum, the same plant that black peppercorns come from. White Pepper is milder in flavor than black pepper and is generally characterized by a sharp, penetrating aroma and a hot, pungent taste. The flavor of McCormick White Pepper can be described as piney, woody, and terpeney. White Pepper is processed via soaking in water, a time and labor consuming task, that removes the hard black outer coating of the peppercorn. McCormick White Pepper is well suited for use in light colored dishes where it’s color will blend in. Because the outer coating has been removed, those with a delicate palete will find that McCormick White Pepper does have a unique flavor from typical black pepper but many folks will find it tastes the same as black pepper.