6 Pack Cincinnati Chili Mix Packets

6 Pack Cincinnati Chili Mix Packets

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easy to make!
fun to eat!

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Cincinnati Chili Preparing Directions:
This chili has magical powers. It can get you past a bad break up or improve your productivity at work. However, in order to unleash the magic you must use the following recipe. It also makes the best batch of chili you’ll ever eat.

* 1 package of chili
* 6 cups of water
* 1 small can of tomato paste
* 1.5 lbs of thawed lean ground beef
* 1 bag of oyster crackers
* 1 bag or brick of Tillamook mild cheddar cheese
* 1 white onion

The trick to making great chili is cooking time and temperature coupled with the consistency of the ground beef.

In a large pot add 6 cups of water. Add 1 small can of tomato paste and the chili powder. Wash your hands, because you are going to be putting them in the pot.

Now add the ground beef into the mixture, but shred it as finely as you can while it’s in the water. You want as thin a consistency as possible. This is why it’s important that the meat be thawed. Do not brown the meat!

Next turn on the heat, beat mixture with a fork, and let boil for 1 minute. Then
reduce to a rolling simmer. Let it simmer like this uncovered for about 45 minutes. Stirring occasionally. Use a wooden spoon for best results.
After about 45 minutes turn the heat down to a light simmer for another 20 minutes. You can tell it’s ready for the heat reduction when you stir and the chili starts to bubble out of the pot.

After the 20 minutes remove the pot from the stove. Let is stand for 10 minutes. You don’t want it too hot, because you don’t want the cheese to melt into it.
easy to make!
fun to eat!