2011 Iron Horse Vineyards Estate Wedding Cuvee Sparkling Wine 750 mL

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Wedding Cuve_e is our interpretation of a Blanc de Noirs. In blending this wine we choose Pinot Noir lots that are extremely expressive and fruit forward. Then in a decided step away from convention, we blend in a bit of steely Chardonnay to add a firm acid backbone. Hand harvested in the chill of early morning our Pinot Noir is gently pressed as whole clusters. The juice slowly ferments in stainless steel tanks at 62¡ to 65¡ f retaining bright fruit aromas and flavors in the wine. The dosage for the 2011 Wedding Cuve_e is 8 ml 28 Brix Rued Chardonnay (100% Chardonnay), 4ml 2011 Rued Chardonnay.